Monday, November 3, 2008

Olexandria Dendropark in Autumn Dress

Ukrainian city of Bila Tserkva (literally translates as "White Church") is about 80 from Kyiv to the south, and has a population comparable to those of the Iceland (about 300 000 inhabitants).

It also has one of the greatest parks in the country - Olexandria. We went there yesterday with friends - for a birthday party.

All parks have gates. And this one is no exception.

Birthday girl!

At the first "pit-stop". Some sandwiches and hot wine.

There are numerous lakes in the park (including one of the major rivers, Ros going through the park)

Also there are many "ancient" statutes in the park. I guess it was quite fashionable 150 years ago.

This tree is especially popular among children.


Second "pit-stop". Happy birthday!

I said about "ancient" statues?

Quite interesting colonade, famous for it's echo.

We just did not want to leave the place. Not very often you can feel this kind of calm unity with nature.

But we had to. So we passed the "Chinese bridge" - one of the famous park sculptures.



jorge said...

I felt the moisture of the soil, I smelled the rotting leaves, I breathed the crisp air.

If only I could taste a sip of that warm wine there!

Andriy said...

air was crisp indeed.
very positive trip it was.

mmabs said...

totally beautiful Andriy. love the colours.