Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ukrainian Villages: Rich...

Continuing last Saturday's trip, I would like to tell about villages of Ukraine. It happened, that we landed after the Olexandria dendropark walk in, probably, the richest village of Ukraine, Kovalivka.

It is practically bought out by the "new rich" woman (who, I think, was actually born in that village). With lots of money she transformed the place into what she considers "rich" and "progressive".

Unlike other, depressed villages throughout the country, this one is intended to be "the sample village". It's center features not only the newly-built church and public center, but also two lakes - with black and white swans respectively.

You can also take a look at some photos - not taken by me - here:

Here are some comments from that forum:

I can´t believe that it´s in Ukraine! No offence guys. But how come that it´s so nicely done?

Corrupt politician used money from government to make her village look nice. Basically.

Hmm, it's nice and clean, but I think the style is quite tacky and outdated.

I wish every village looked this "tacky" and "outdated". It was built/renovated in 1997 by the way.

I can't think of a single village in (Western) Canada that is in as good condition as that. Ok, there may be a couple suburbs or cities which title themselves as hamlets (re: Ft. McMurray) but they still aren't as manicured as that. Even the Ukrainian Heritage Village outside Edmonton - a theme park as much as this one - is more realistic than that.

It looks like one of those movies where everything looks great on the outside but in reality its full of hidden video cameras and evil geniuses brainwashing the local population. (I hope that somebody knows what I'm talking about)

And here's is the hotel we stayed overnight at, in adjacent village, also bought out by that business lady:

Building of unknown purpose:

Some interesting facts about this village (or these villages):

- peasants cannot buy alcohol in the village after 7 pm
- farmers from Netherlands work on the field (maybe because they operate machines too sophisticated?)
- illegal immigrants, who headed to Western Europe from Asia were taken by traffickers to that village and told: "This is Switzerland, your final destination".
- all local population seems to be employed in that or another way by the rich landlord (landlady?)
- village is a popular destination for residents of nearby Bila Tserkva - as a venue for weddings, etc.
- the village has agricultural firm, school, kindergarden, stadium, swimming pool, wellness center, several cafes and restaurants.

Also, after paying to the "village center", we headed to the house of our friend, to continue celebrating birthday -

with cream pumpkin soup, and with barbeque outside:

In my next post I will tell about other kind of villages of Ukraine, not so exceptional.

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jorge said...

This empty children dorm looks so creepy! This village looks like these soul-less shopping malls, I wouldn't want to live there!

But you had a very interesting weekend nonetheless!