Monday, November 17, 2008

Living in two worlds

Half of these fotos were supposed to be posted in August. Some exams, no internet in house and a lot of excuses didnt allow me to make a post. Looking at them now I still think that they may have some interest for some of us...

There is a feast in the church of Pantokrator (from 15th century), a mountain in South Corfu (ca. 1000 m, I think) once a year, about 'Metamorphosis' of God. People spend their night there, eating foods with no meat, no milk, no eggs, singing and dancing. This year I went with my group of traditional music to play to this feast.

The view from there is rare. (this digital cameras destroy all evening shots I think,or maybe just my camera)

Here is Thodoris, the violin player. Don't tell him that he is in Internet, I don't know if he likes it! (just joking, he is a cool guy)

A foto of the dance from my view (I was playing the guitar)

The combination of greek flag and no-smoking sign in the top of the mountain make me always cry of pride...

Now, back in Austria everything seems very different from my small village in Corfu. Completely different landscape, buildings and habits.

People enjoy in a different way, too.

Here is my bike. I'll stay this year too here, and hopefully, one day I will complete my studies...


Andriy said...

I just love the last picture with bike. I used to have a similar one. And chestnut leaves resemebles streets of Kyiv. Very similar.

jorge said...

What a nice contrast of images and feelings!

Last picture is very beautiful, but also the one with the Greek flag! :)

Thodoriiiii! You're on the internet!

Χ.Ζ. said...

These red-yellow leaves, beautiful indeed, seem very exotic to me, as in my hometown there are not such trees.
Jorge I was sure 100% that you were going to like the foto with the flag. And please shhhh!!!He's a musician, he has a great hearing!