Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Run New York...Run!!!

During my last walk on the streets of Manhattan, just a few hours before I head to the airport, I witnessed a very nice event, the New York City Marathon!
Despite the cold weather, there were thousands of people on the streets around Central Park.

Hundreds of runners from all over the world

Spectators cheering for friends and everyone taking part

Lots of live music

Lots of police

Lots of hot dogs

And of course, lots of people taking pictures!!!

If taking pictures of pictures is stupid, taking pictures of people taking pictures is 2Xstupid or stupid²?


Andriy said...

did you run, skinny boy?

jorge said...

i'm sure he ran to the hot-dogs!

qu said...

and the winner ir...drumrolldrumrolldrumrolldrumroll...jorge!!!!