Thursday, October 23, 2008

On the internet nobody knows you are a plant

Realizing that having the same number of blog posts as a plant from Japan questions my commitment to blogging I decided to take matters into my own hands and put something together.

So, just to one-up the silly plant, I grabbed my phone, downloaded whatever pictures I had recently taken and started writing. Most of them happen to be from the TV on the Radio show I went to a couple of weeks ago. The venue was really intimate and as the lead singer remarked the crowd seemed to be enjoying themselves despite the lack of alcohol.

Frankly, he said, we were the best crowd ever even though Boston sucks. Because, as he alluded, someone was getting in his way to the gig and that's why they were so late, apologies.

Enthusiastic as the crowd was nobody danced more than the cow. See it? Balcony, first row? And it's not even Halloween yet.

Walking out I glanced at the display just down the street. It was advertising the upcoming show of none other than Mario Fragoulis. Belch. Here is some quality instead:

Looking forward to your next post Midori-san - you motivate me.


jorge said...

this was a very enjoyable text, wall-e-san!

what was that video all about by the way, it's "no longer available"!

wall-e said...

glad you enjoyed reading my post jorge.

the video is "wolf like me" by tv on the radio. it still works for me strangely enough... can you try again?

jorge said...

I guess it's some weird youtube version that's "not available in my country".

a live version of the same song seems to work for me: