Sunday, September 14, 2008

Barcelona urban architecture

I have just returned from an amazingly intense week in Barcelona, full of music rehearsals, long-distance-relationship (LDR) reunions and nostalgic emotions.

But I will not get into that yet. This post is about Barcelona's urban architecture.

Barcelona is a city that is marked by the creations of the famous architect Gaudi but I will not get into that either. This post will focus on the less touristic, urban side of Barcelona. It is, in my opinion, equally attractive.

My comments on the following photos will be minimal, just like my knowledge on architecture.

Blocks of flats. I love how the use of gray color is avoided.

Again, lovely choice of color and interesting texture effect with the use of these tiles.

Massive buildings for corporate use, under construction. 8 hours of our days, in a box. Why?

Back to urban, colorful beauty.

The use of the warm, earthly colors soothes my brain cells.

Interesting colors, shapes, angles.

Back to corporate buildings. I think these must be Gaudi-inspired.

And here is one more glass box, for your viewing pleasure.

Quick conclusion:
Barcelona looks like a very beautiful place to live, with high standards of quality in residence construction. The corporate buildings however, look as scary as in many other parts of the crazy corporate world.


Andriy said...

I envy you guys. Hope I will get to Barcelona at some point of time as well.

mmabs said...

Why do we spend 8 hours of our days in a box indeed! crazy. I dig the entry G. I love the buildings, the older ones. that's what I loved about being in the UK. The beauty of the old architecture is just too cool. BY THE WAY!!! i finally went to pick up the CD at the post office. I dig, I dig, I dig. I especially loved tracks 3 and 4 on the disk.

jorge said...

Thanx Mmabs, Ben * the Immigrants will be waiting for your invitation to play our first African gigs. Hurry up, as we're still cheap to book! (very very cheap)