Friday, September 26, 2008

The making of an Accident

...or How to shoot a music video

You need costumes

and makeup

in order to create the characters.

But above all you need a talented director to create some beautiful shots

with a tireless production team to help him materialise his vision.

It also takes a lot of physical effort

and a great deal of patience for the long hours of waiting.

In case you got all of the above, this is the result you might get:

Ben & the Immigrants would like to thank director Carlos and his crew for their talent and personal time.

Photos by bavdel.


wall-e said...

Great song, great video. Are you releasing an album? Can I get it somewhere?

jorge said...

You can get it from your closest Immigrant - I think it's me.

Email me your postal address - I'm really glad you liked it!