Saturday, September 20, 2008

What's in Yours?

Sometimes it's just curious what can be in someone's cameraphone. I got curious yesterday, and so I decided to post last dozen pictures in my phone or so.

This pictures was taken two weeks ago. It was at our office retreat - at the bank of Kiev sea. Never thought Kiev had a sea?

It's actually a big water reservoir on the Dnieper river - up from Kyiv

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And it also has nice pine forest on the bank:

A nice yacht came to shore. Next week I became the godfather of my friend's daughter. Here's the happy mother, Kateryna, with daughter Ulyana-Oleksandra:

Next picture in my phone was taken somewhere on streets of Kyiv, proving it's essential eclecticism in architecture.

And yesterday, after the hectic working week another friend of mine made to come to "Oktoberfest" tiny model in Kyiv. It was on the Spartak Stadium - a big tent was installed and hundreds of people were drinking and shouting, eating german sausages. Very funny&

Another funny thing to do when you are drunk, is opening an umbrella in metro being behind of the cop, which also goes down the escalator.

By the way, it's one of the deepest metro station in the world.

Train arrives. Technical personnel started shouting that taking pictures is not allowed.

Advertising I was placing in the metro car:

Our metro is packed with advertising. There are even LCD-screens, displaying some news and stupid ads.

Late commuters going home:

Nice Bag:

That was in my phone. What's in yours?


jorge said...

This was like 3 posts in 1! ;)

Nicely done Herr Andriy.

I guess you already know "what's in mine". Almost all photos I post are taken with my mobile. That is, until we get a top camera manufacturer to sponsor this site! :P

Χ.Ζ. said...

never a cop seemed more interesting to me...

Anonymous said...

Де б я себе побачила!