Monday, September 1, 2008


For some reason I only seem to have a camera when there are traditional things happening in my world. Be that as it may... here's a little glimpse of a Sesotho traditional wedding celebration which I attended this weekend.

The bride and groom. The more modern part of the wedding ceremony had already taken place in Washington DC last year (the groom is from there). This was the African celebration of what can sometimes be a two year long marital process. She is dressed in a Basotho animal skin and he has mixed his outfit into a Seswati outfit with a Basotho blanket.

Guests at the wedding (my best friends). All dressed in what are modernised versions of the traditional Basotho clothes (Seshoeshoe).

The dancers...Their moms should've forced those vegetables on them...they need more flesh on those bones. :)

Mmabs in a Ndebele outfit!!!

Xhosa women.

Mmabs and the bride...


jorge said...

You add color to our blog Mmabs!

Give the just-married couple our best wishes!

Andriy said...

Xhosa :)
i learned how to pronounce it
sometimes i shock my compatriots
with prouncing this word right )

and i really liked the modernized clothes! those are really cool

mmabs said...

yeah, Xhosa. You say that to someone who's never heard it before...and yes, you could elicit a rather shocked & puzzled expression on their face. :) hahaha.