Wednesday, September 24, 2008

European car-free day

Monday 22 September 2008. European car-free day in Thessaloniki.

no more cars
I took a friend and a bicycle and rode to the city center. The main part of Nikis avenue, the street that goes along the coastline, was closed to motor-driven vehicles. Some activist had sprayed this on the asphalt.

The sight and feeling was a unique experience for a city so digested with traffic, as Thessaloniki.

Car-free Nikis avenue. Thessaloniki's White Tower in the background.

The most enjoyable thing was actually the absence of the usual noise of car traffic. You could almost listen to the sound of the (polluted) sea.

Excuse me for the quality of the photos, I was actually riding the bike and taking pictures at the same time, which is definitely not the recommended way, especially when it gets dark.

For much better photos of the same event, you can check out Orhan's flickr gallery.

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