Monday, September 22, 2008

Thessaloniki - Zakynthos

My work involves a lot of traveling around Greece, which is good. But these trips usually take place during weekends, which is not as good. Nonetheless, they are always a good opportunity for new foto-aparat posts.

This post is all you need to know, if you travel from Thessaloniki to the island of Zakynthos by car.

driving south
Thessaloniki to Zakynthos, direction south.

driving through olive trees
Less than 400 kilometers away, you drive past Delphi, through the valley of Eleones, full of olive trees.

rio antirio bridge
Over the fancy Rio - Antirio bridge, that lands you on the Peloponnese peninsula.

Patra ring road
Driving past the city of Patra, through it's impressive new ring road.

After almost 6,5 hours of driving, having covered a distance of about 550 km, you reach the port of Kyllini.

ferry boat
This port links you to the island of Zakynthos and Kefalonia.

Embarkation on the ferry boat.

travelers on board
Fellow travelers on board to Zakynthos.

A short break on the information overload, for an arty image.

top deck of the ferry boat
The top deck of the ferry boat.

port of Zakynthos
After 1,5 hour on board, finally reaching the port of Zakynthos.

Disembarkation for vehicles and travelers.

Some fast sightseeing: St. Dionysus church in Zakynthos.

tavern by port
A small tavern by the port.

clouds over Zakynthos
And some nicely scattered clouds over Zakynthos.

highway sunset
I could keep on posting photos from my way back to Thessaloniki. But I guess I've already wasted enough of your valuable time!


Χ.Ζ. said...

I cant wait for your report coming from Thessaloniki to Corfu. By the way, I will be here until October 15th.
Give to your people more road pics jorge!

jorge said...

I think the world needs to see the place X.Z. grew up!

We are demanding a Corfu post from you first. If we like what we see, then we might come. (All of us!)